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Straße:  Speckstraße
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Plz. / Ort:  76889 Schweighofen

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Pilatus Porter PC/6

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Donnerstag, 20. Juni 2024 / KW26

Hallo Zusammen,
Leider müssen wir für Freitag den Sprungbetrieb absagen, wegen Samstag/ Sonntag melden wir uns im laufe des Freitags.🪂🪂🪂

Chris (KW25)

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Information for our english speaking guests

For the time being there will be no more jumping due to structural changes.
We will inform you as soon as possible via mail, the newsletter and our website how it will continue in the future.
About us
We're a United States Parachute Association (USPA) Group Member & member of the german parachute association "DFV". Our dropzone is located at 76889 Schweighofen (20km in the west of Karlsruhe, 1h with car south/west of Frankfurt). We're 1km close to the french border, in a beautiful area.

We offer Tandem, Static Line (First Jump Courses), and Accelerated FreeFall (AFF) Program Instruction. Staff fluent in English is available to accommodate your every need. Don't hesitate to contact us!

Tandem skydiving is a skydive built for two. You and a professionally trained Tandem Instructor will exit the aircraft at 4000 m (~13,000 feet above ground level) with a specially built canopy and harness. You will freefall through the Big Blue Yonder until the instructor will deploy the parachute at around 1500 m. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery flying under canopy to a soft landing. A tandem skydive is a perfect introduction into skydiving and is also suitable as a first step toward the Advanced FreeFall (AFF) program or static line instruction method. You will also receive a jump certificate suitable for framing.

Remember it with video
For an additional fee, you can remember the experience of a lifetime with video. A skilled freefall cameraman will skydive along with you and your tandem instructor to film you before, during, and after your jump. You'll receive an edited video of your skydive dubbed with music! We produce our videos in standard DVD formats. Remember to ask for a video when you make your reservation.


  • Age - There is no limitation, but we recommend a minimum age of 12 years (are you over that limits, please contact us per phone or mail)

  • Height - At least 140 cm or 4'7" (are you over or under that limit, please contact us per phone or mail)

  • Weight Limit - Our normal limit is 95 kg or 200 lbs (are you over or under that limit, please contact us per phone or mail)

  • Clothing - Come to the dropzone in something comfortable and make sure that you wear sneakers

  • Reservations are recommended. Any questions about outer limits? Please call 0049 176 - 631 372 82 (FSC Südpfalz, Dropzonemanager, Dominique Stoll) orus to make your reservation. Of course you can as well meet us at the dropzone, get a first impression and make a reservation there. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us

Prices for Tandemjumps:

  • Jump Price 275,00 €

  • DVD Video and still pictures 125,00 €

Howe to become a skydiver?
There are two methods of instruction you can choose from:

Static Line - Parachute is opened by a line attached to the plane: The static-line program begins with a theory training class concentrating on exit technique and canopy control. After an airplaneride to approx. 1200-1500 m, your ripcord is connected to the aircraft and you'll climb out on a step under the wing. When you let go - (yes, you will!) - and fall away from the plane, the container opens and your parachute is deployed. Once under canopy, enjoy the spectacular view as a ground radio operator helps you navigate to a soft and safe landing. Your instructor will debrief your skydive and give you pointers to let you make further progress on your next jump. As you progress through the program you will gain more altitude and freefall time, and you'll work with your instructors to master the skills necessary to become a licensed skydiver. We only support a One Jump Static Line Course which is 500 €.

Accelerated Freefall - Freefall while you are held by two instructors, deploy your own parachute:
The Accelerated Freefall (AFF) program is for the individual who wants to experience the full effect of the freefall and canopy ride, with the intent of becoming an active skydiver. This program begins with a 1 ½ days theory class teaching you how to control your body position during freefall; how to deploy, steer and land your parachute, and other safety measures of the skydive. You'll then take to the skies with two certified instructors who will accompany you for the entire freefall from 4000 m and make sure you deploy your own parachute at the proper altitude. Once under canopy, a ground radio operator will help guide you in for soft landing. Then, when your adrenaline rush is under control, your instructors will debrief the skydive and begin preparing you for your next jump. AFF students are on the fast track to the license program, where 25 intense jump levels with supervised by instructors and coaches provide the skills to become a certified skydiver. This Programm ist the most popular course in freefall to learn skydive. We support a One Jump AFF-Course which is 500 € or the complete AFF-Course for 1950 €, additional costs (in german) click here: Additional Costs. You can go either for a german or an american license (USPA = United States Parachute Association, License A-D).


  • Age - For USPA (american license): Skydivers are to be at least either 18 years of age or 16 years of age with notarized parental or guardian consent. For DFV (german licence): Skydivers are to be at least either 18 years of age or 14 years of age with notarized parental or guardian consent (but for the license you have to be 16)

  • Height - At least 140 cm or 4'7" (are you over or under that limit, please contact us per phone or mail)

  • Weight Limit - Our normal limit is 100 kg or 220 lbs (are you over or under that limit, please contact us per phone or mail)

  • Medical Requirements - For USPA (american license): Carry a valid Class 1,2, or 3 FAA Medical Certificate OR carry a certificate of physical fitness for skydiving from a registered physician OR have completed the USPA recommended medical statement. For DFV (german license): You need for the Static line or AFF - Course a medical examen, undersigned by doctor, we have here for you the: Medical Application for us and the doctor's: Medical Application for the doctor. (in german, print it out and the doc has to undersign and stamp it)

For detailed information, appointments and pricing please contact us at:
Please call +49 (0)176 - 631 372 82 (FSC Südpfalz, Dropzonemanager, Dominique Stoll) oror visit us at the dropzone.
Licensed skydivers
We offer what many up-jumpers are seeking from a drop zone, including indoor packing and creeping area, gear rental and 2nd hand sales and video services. We also pride ourselves of our friendly, family-style atmosphere. Join us for a beer at the fireplace after a great day of skydiving or in chilly times inside our clubhouse at the bar. Showers and AC hook-ups for camping homes are also available. We have an USPA-AFF Instructor and a USPA-Coach on the dropzone, where you get your A, B, C or D-License as well. Our aircraft is a turbine powered Pilatus Porter PC-6. It can take 10 skydivers up to the altitude of 4000 m within approx. 17 minutes.

Prices & Schedule
From March to November we are open Wednesday, Friday 14:00 to 19:30 h, Saturday 9:00 to 19:30 h (April to end of October, Lunch Break 12:30-14:00h) Sunday and Holiday 10:00 to 12:00 h and 14:00 to 19:30 h (or sunset)

If you need the detailed schedule click here:
Schedule FSC Südpfalz

Pricing (REMEMBER: CLUB MEMBERS GET BETTER RATES! You can reduce the price for a single ticket to 29,50 € out of 4000m)

  • Altitude 3000 - 3500 m
    Guest - Rate 37,50 €
    Member - Rate 33,00 €
  • Gear rental, per jump
    Guest - Rate 25,00 €
    Member - Rate 15,00 €

We accept VAT Form

How to get there:

From the north:
Highway A61 Koblenz-Speyer to Mutterstadt, at A65 Mutterstadt-Karlsruhe to Exit Landau Süd on the B38 »Deutsche Weinstraße« to direction Bad Bergzabern - Impfingen - Ingenheim - Niederhorbach - Bad Bergzabern - Oberotterbach - Schweigen - Rechtenbach »Deutsches Weintor«. 100 m after the Weintor left hand Kandel-Schweighofen, in Schweighofen center, turn right into Speckstraße (sign: »Flugplatz«), before the railway, turn right, than 400m on the right hand.

From the south:
Highway A65 Karlsruhe-Ludwigshafen to Exit Kandel Süd/Strassbourg, turn left to the next crossing, than right direction Schaidt. In Schaidt turn left, direction Bad Bergzabern to Schweighofen. In Schweighofen center, turn right into Speckstraße (sign: »Flugplatz«), before the railway, turn right, than 400m on the right hand.

Important info for tandem passengers:

Please bring to your tandem jump , sneakers and sporty long clothing, which can also get dirty.

To enter the aircraft you must have a current Covid 19 test. (Max. 24 hours)
Either you present a current test on the day of the jump or you bring a quick test, which you do on the spot, no matter if you are vaccinated, not vaccinated or recovered.
Two accompanying persons are allowed. (Children under 12 years do not count).

Stand: 05.03.2010


Über uns

Beim Fallschirmsportzentrum Südpfalz e.V. arbeiten und lehren Trainer und Coaches vieler Disziplinen, sei es für FF, RW, Wingsuit, Canopyflying oder Zielspringen. Fast alle Trainer und Coaches sind und waren aktive Wettkämpfer an nationalen und internationalen Wettkämpfen und Rekorden.


Terminkalender 2024

Sprungbetrieb in der Hochsaison von Mai bis September, ausschließlich Samstags und Sonntags von 09:00 bis 19:30 Uhr.
Bei großer Nachfrage schon Freitags ab 15:00 Uhr. (Bekanntgabe über die News)

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Straße: Speckstraße
Plz. / Ort: 76889 Schweighofen

Wir bitten alle Springer und Gäste in der Speckstraße maximal 30 km/h und auf dem Feldweg zum Flugplatz Schrittgeschwindigkeit zu fahren um das Aufwirbeln von zu viel Staub zu vermeiden.

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Nur an Flug und Betriebstagen

Dein Weg zu uns!

Wir bitten alle Springer und Gäste in der Speckstraße maximal 30 km/h und auf dem Feldweg zum Flugplatz Schrittgeschwindigkeit zu fahren um das Aufwirbeln von zu viel Staub zu vermeiden.

Das Wetter wird am Platz gemacht!

Schweighofen verfügt über keine Wetterstation, deswegen sind die Angaben auf Ihrer App oder diversen Wetter Seiten auf Smartphones, Tablets oder PCs nicht aussagekräftig.
Unsere Erfahrung "und wir betreiben diese Sportart schon seit über 40 Jahren" ist, dass das Wetter am Sprungplatz gemacht wird.
Wir bitten auch immer die Passagiere etwas Zeit mitzubringen. Teilweise packen wir im Regen die Fallschirme und springen im nächsten Moment bei Sonnenschein.
Das dieser Flugplatz genau an diesem Ort gebaut wurde, hat einen wesentlichen Grund, denn die Wetterlage ist fast immer besser als in den umliegenden Ortschaften und da reden wir von 2-3 km.
Man kann sagen, der Flugplatz Schweighofen hat ein eigenes Mikroklima. Denn auch viele Zugvögel kommen jedes Jahr zum Flugplatz zurück, aus dem gleichen Grund warum wir Fallschirmspringer dort ansässig geworden sind.


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